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Elizabeth Lawrence-Fielden

Working the magic is my digital art portfolio that explores the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Within my research project I have been focusing on hidden geometry, revealing it in various ways and looking beyond what we perceive as reality. 


Inspired by pre-cinema optical toys I have investigated and developed various optical assemblages through creating models including; kaleidoscopes, slides and projections. 


Through playful designing I have experimented with creating optical illusions through using different materials, to create refraction, reflection and projection.

My intention for my final major project has been to make a collection of optical illusion curiosities to be interacted with through play and discovery.  The outcome of playing with these curiosities incorporates positive design through the haptic experience of play.  Positive design runs throughout my practice from design to outcome.

My future plans are to build a collection of photographs and interactive optical illusion curiosities and exhibit them as a travelling show. I will continue to investigate hidden geometry and play with light and shadow, as well as continuing to explore refraction, reflection and projection.

Looking beyond what we perceive as reality, feeds the imagination.


Previous Work

Within my work I will produce work of high quality for longevity. Where I can I will use sustainable methods and take care for my environment.  My materials will be ethically sourced and through bricolage I will reuse to reduce my carbon footprint. 

I invite you to click the button below to see my portfolio.

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